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SNARL was set up in 2014 after many many years of unofficial rescue and rehabilitation. Currently, we have 12 resident cats and a number of fosters and strays. When we can, we also try to support local residents in caring for their cats when they experience financial difficulties.

Our email addresses are tjenko64@aol.com (for rescue) and snarlinvestigation@gmail.com (for UK Animal Killer investigation queries).

Our contact numbers are 07961 030 064 and 020 8058 7778.

Please do not use the emails for emergencies.

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Latest News Releases

Tonight, one of our shelter cats is on his way to kitty heaven. He is fiv positive and was diagnosed with stomach cancer a few months ago. He has had a good meal but is now very weak and wanting nothing except to be cuddled and loved. As he is not in pain or distress we have made a decision not to take him to the vet. That decision may change as the night goes on, depending on how he … read more

We received confirmation yesterday from the examining vet that the remains we collected from the allotments in Elmers End in June was in fact a young fox cub and not a cat. The cub had been mutilated by a human being with a long bladed instrument. This is a different weapon and method to that used in the animal killings we are investigating. We need to be very clear at this point that this is the first body we have … read more

If anyone is missing a 12 – 16 week old kitten from one of the roads off streatham high road, please contact us. facebook.com

Hi everyone there was an attack in Addiscombe on Tuesday night which matches the killings we are investigating. Details will follow when the owner is ready to provide them. Please keep them in your thoughts as they come to terms with the hideous circumstances around their loss. facebook.com

Do you know who this cat is? Vet has confirmed that Spencer (thought to be a Ruby) is around 10 years old and in poor health. He’s now at an awesome rescue who we know personally and he’ll have the best chance there. However WAR would like to know how he got to this point. Please share to find his owners. Thanks xx Wallington Animal Rescue – WAR www.facebook.com We have just picked up this poor old lad up from … read more

Hi everyone We are currently being tagged, notified and called out for what feels like every stray, injured and dead cat across the South East and it’s becoming impossible to identify which are the calls we should be responding to urgently in amongst the deluge and its becoming impossible to act as a rescue as we are so busy dealing with enquiries we are too busy to try and arrange home visits. You can actively help us by: (i) SUSPECTED … read more

Note for press: please can we stop referring to the animal killer as the Croydon Cat Killer. We realise its catchy and alliterative but your continued use of it is costing cats their lives. We have cats and foxes as confirmed victims and cats, foxes and rabbits as suspected victims. We refer to him as the M25 animal killer so use this tag if you have to have one. Thanks facebook.com

Hi everyone a bit overwhelmed at the moment so apologies if we haven’t come back to you re leaflets, posters etc. We are prioritising urgent cases and will get back to everyone who has contacted us re non urgent queries over the next few days. facebook.com

We’ve been called out to Worcester Park where we have just collected the head of a dark tortoiseshell or black cat. The cat who has been dead for about a week was found in Hampton Road. If anyone knows who this cat was and where he or she lived please contact us. Until a vet has seen the remains we are classing this as a possible case. facebook.com

Something heartwarming for today. Magick the Bengal cuddling up to Grumpy the Persian who is terminally ill. And they say you don’t get breed cats in rescue! Grumpy is a permanent resident in our sanctuary. Magick is ready for a new home but will need to be an only cat. He’s fine with us but has a history of bullying cats in new homes. Photos from South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty – SNARL’s post www.facebook.com facebook.com