A Few Thank Yous

We have a number of “thank you” posts to do but the first is to say a massive thank you to Claire and her partner who not only took Teddy in when he wandered up to their house, dirty and distressed, but who looked after him, played with him, fed and assessed him and after all of that, gave us a donation towards getting him neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

Tonight Teddy is happily exploring the kitten room, accompanied by some new friends, the bed that he loves and was also donated to us in one corner so he has a safe space to retreat to.

It could have been so different – we could have been picking his mutilated remains up instead. He is so friendly he would be at immediate risk, outdoors and in this area.

A big thanks to both of you xx

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  1. vici-james'talktalk.net Reply

    someone somewhere knows the killer —– money talks so put out large rewards I am not good on computers will try to phone

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