Hero disappeared between 5.30pm and 7pm on…

Hero disappeared between 5.30pm and 7pm on Wednesday night from his home in Kingston. His body was found in nearby woods on Saturday 25 June 2016. His murder is being investigated as part of Operation Takahe.

The following is a statement from his family. Our thoughts are with them as they come to terms with their loss:

As an avowed ‘dog family’ our experience of cats was limited to occasional sightings of a feline-looking shadow lurking under cars. We wanted our children to have the same experience of living with pets as we had had growing up and we finally agreed to getting a cat following a long running campaign. To our great surprise, we found ourselves welcoming not one, but two white cats into our home and they immediately became members of our little family.

After a mere 9 months, the pecking order in the house had settled into a natural order with Hero and Buddy firmly placed at the top. Both developed distinctive characters and and we all had our own relationships. The strongest relationship was between our two devoted cats. They did everything together and were never far apart.

Unfortunately, Hero decided to go for a wander, bumped into a troubled and unhinged individual and never came back. We later found his body in a local wood, minus his dignity, and the true extent of his importance to our family became apparent.

All of us have been absolutely distraught at the loss of him. We have had to explain that the world is a sometimes dark place to our children and that bad things do happen. What has been most difficult is explaining that the is no reasoning or explaining about what has happened. Like our children, we too don’t understand why this has happened.

Life goes on, but ours is genuinely the poorer for the loss of Hero and the manner of his being taken has left us angry and confused. We, like an alarming number of other families, want to have this troubled individual taken off the streets and for them to account for their actions. If anyone has any information about this cruel and violent individual please come forward. These are not just animals, they are dearly loved family members and this dark threat must be removed from our community.

This is Oz, who was found decapitated in…

This is Oz, who was found decapitated in Catford last week.

Oz was originally a neighbour’s cat, who was left behind for Rob and Sarah to look after temporarily. Days turned into weeks and Oz stayed with them and they became his humans.

For the next 16 years Oz lived a happy fulfilled life, demanding his breakfast every morning as Rob made coffee, going out to enjoy the garden during the day and snuggling up at night.

He rarely strayed far from earshot and as he got older, he got fonder of being around his home and family. He was cheeky and loving and cantankerous, especially after a small beer, which he enjoyed with Rob, with whom he had a close bond.

Oz was a very special cat who is now buried in the garden he loved. Whilst someone was able to take his life away from him, that person will never take away the love he had for his humans and the love and beautiful memotries they had for and of him.

Rest in peace Oz, our thoughts are with your family xx

Another quick update from us. We are aware…

Another quick update from us. We are aware of another probable victim from Catford. The cat’s head was found in one garden and his body in another. The owner buried the poor babe and subsequently heard about the head being discovered. We collected it on our way to Birmingham.

The owner quite understandably did not want his cat exhumed so we were unable to look at the body and confirm whether the injury looked like the others. We took the cat’s head to the owner so he could bury it.

We haven’t publicised it as we only publicise those cases we have seen the body and are very sure the killing is related.

We have unpinned our old post because it was leading people who lived in areas of London where there hadn’t been known victims to think their cats were safe, with tragic results in two cases.

Suffice to say if you live in the area within the M25 you should do everything you can to keep your cats indoors at night. As soon as we have results from the examinations of Jiji from Brighton and Betsy from Birmingham, we may well change that advice to extend over a wider area.

Hope this clarifies things. Much love to you all xx

Hi everyone just a very quick update from…

Hi everyone just a very quick update from us. There have been two more cat victims, one in east Dulwich last week and one in Kingston yesterday. We are waiting for owner approval before posting further details.

The cat in Kingston was last seen at 530pm and did not respond to calls to come home between 6 and 7pm. This is concerning as it is another disappearance before dark. We are publicising it now so owners can make decisions around what time they get their cats indoors.

Additionally Tony collected the body of a fox which appears to be a victim this week.

We will update once we are able to do so and hold the owners in our thoughts whilst they come to terms with their awful loss.