This is Shadow

Shadow has been missing since 8pm on Sunday 19th June 2016 from Bishops Park Road, Norbury.

Shadow is chipped, and is a very distinctive cat due to his size and markings.

Understandably I am very upset and concerned about his safety. It is very unlike him to go missing for so long as he really loves his food.


If any one sees him around please contact
Merla on 07939 026 049.



Our ginger and white cat Marmalade has been missing since 9am on the 19th June. She is quite elderly and it is very out of character for her to wander off or go missing for this amount of time. We moved house a few months ago so she may be a little lost, confused and unable to find her way home. Please can you look inside your garages and sheds to check she hasn’t been locked inside. If you do see her in the surrounding streets and gardens we would be very grateful if you could get in touch on 07725641070 as we’re extremely worried.
She is microchipped and was wearing a collar with a pink tag with our contact details on.
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Latest article from local press htt…

Fly free Percy Sadly too badly injured to…

Fly free Percy
Sadly too badly injured to be saved. A very big thanks to Sharmela who waited so long with him and to Lynette who raced to the rescue. He died safe and comfortable rather than kicked or pecked to death and Tony and I are very grateful as neither of us were near enough to help xx

Is anyone around to help an injured pigeon on south Norwood high street? Tony is not near and I’m at work. Pigeon will need to be taken to London Wildcare or pigeon recovery in Sutton.

If anyone wishes to bicker at people on…

If anyone wishes to bicker at people on the memorial posts of murdered animals their comments will be removed and they will be banned from this page.

The families should not have to put up with that and we certainly won’t going forward. We are more than happy to be challenged but if you want to do that then please start your own thread.

We’ve just got home. Here is a quick…

We’ve just got home. Here is a quick update:

We went to Birmingham today to exhume Betsy’s body. We would like to thank her owner who showed such bravery and composure today during what must have been a traumatic and upsetting experience.

We would also like to thank the religious order on whose property she was buried for letting us in and allowing the exhumation.

Betsy’s body will be going for forensic examination tomorrow and once we have that report we will know for sure whether she is a victim of the same person who has killed the other cats.

However having now seen her body we would be very surprised if this is not the case.

We would also like to thank the lady from Catford who called us about the cats head in her garden.

The cat’s body was discovered in a garden near his home, decapitated at the weekend. The owner has requested that we don’t examine the poor babe’s body, which we totally understand and we will be taking the cat’s head to him tomorrow so he can bury it with the body. Without forensic analysis or seeing the body it’s hard to tell whether this is linked or not but enquiries continue. Thanks to the call however we will at least be able to provide the owner with a small comfort at losing his much loved cat in such a horrible way.

A post will follow about a body found in east Dulwich on Monday morning.

Today’s journeys took place across four counties and seven different motorways and we are exhausted. We will catch up on messages and posts over the course of tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued support, care and love shown on this page, especially to the owners who have lost their cats in such an awful way. It is appreciated by us beyond measure xx

Cat identified thank you for sharing…

Cat identified thank you for sharing 🙁

We have just collected the head of a cat from Catford and the resident who found the head made us aware of a report on Facebook of a headless cat found at the weekend. This hasn’t been reported to the police team or to us and we are keen to understand whether this head matches the body and what has happened to the poor babe’s body. If anyone has seen anything on this please can you ask the poster/finder of the body to contact us directly on 07957 830490 or 07961 030064.