SNARL, RSPCA & The Police Service Are Now Joined Forces

We have just had an exceptionally productive meeting with the police and the RSPCA.

We have agreed to continue working together as we have been. Nothing will change in terms of callouts, or how things work in general but we are now all fully joined up.

We will continue to attend scenes and secure them whilst the RSPCA and/or police attend. The RSPCA will post mortem the bodies as they have been.

We will also continue to collate info on new and historical cases.

This doesn’t mean we will always agree with each other (which is healthy) but it does mean that the RSPCA is now fully briefed and we will now be working as a team with the police.

We have full confidence in the police team and now we have met the investigating RSPCA inspector, who has specific experience in this sort of crime, we have full confidence in him too.

This is a huge step in the right direction for the investigation and we are very pleased.

It has been an exceptionally busy day here at SNARL

It has been an exceptionally busy day here at SNARL.

We have taken over 50 phone calls, numerous texts, countless emails. We have had two calls about historical cases which match ours. Thank you to the people who called us.

We have also spent time talking to the press today and will be issuing a press release shortly.

We are collecting Teddy the white cat shortly and he will be overnighting with us before going to his foster tomorrow. Efforts continue to find out whether he has an owner.

Tony is currently trying to retrieve the body of a road traffic accident victim. We don’t actually do this as a norm but couldn’t bear the thought of the poor babe lying in the road.

Tony met with officials from Croydon Council today to discuss the possibility of collecting bodies of possible victims and also to drive home the fact that the council were not following their own procedures for chip checking dead pets.

They have assured us that they are now doing this so we hope we won’t be receiving any more calls to say the council helpline have told a resident to put the body in their rubbish bin.

Whether or not they are going to work with us and notify us when their contractors discover bodies that could be victims is another matter. This is highly frustrating and we hope that they have a think about how their inaction here is potentially thwarting this investigation.

A big thank you to Richard Beeson for joining Tony this afternoon.

A very big thank you also to everyone who contacted Peta today. They have now decided to mention us in despatches.

I think, without being bitchy about it, we need to make it quite clear that whilst they have been brilliant about offering a reward, they do not have an investigative team in the UK and are not set up to take calls, collect bodies or gather evidence. They are not investigating this because they are not set up to do this here and they have no idea about the considerable amount of police resource being deployed.

I have worked with a Peta investigator from the US on other cases and I have a huge amount of respect for him and the people in his office. That respect remains in place.

There is a place here for every single organization keen to catch the killer and we need to pool our resources and work together, not against each other.

Thank you to everyone for your likes, shares, comments and messages.

We WILL catch this person/people.


As most people are now aware, there have been a number of victims of the person killing cats and across London. In brief, cases include:

Ukiyo in Addiscombe
Amber in Shirley
Oscar in West Norwood
Unidentified cat in West Norwood
Missy in Couldson
“Charlton” in Charlton
An unidentified black and white cat found killed next to Mitcham Common and confirmed now as linked
Bella, killed in Mitcham in November

An unidentified tabby cat found in Streatham on 19 January 2015 confirmed as a victim.

Two cats and a fox found beheaded in the Crystal Palace triangle early in the morning of Monday 18 January 2016 which have been linked to this case.

A fox tail found on Davidson Road, which has been placed in a garden, was inconclusive but given the deliberate placement of the tail, is considered to be a victim.

Leo found deceased in Sutton on 22 January 2016, a week after he disappeared, confirmed as a victim.

A red possibly Burmese cat found in South Croydon, confirmed as a victim.

A rabbit, found in Bristol Road, Morden – inconclusive on vet examination, but the positioning of the body suggests this poor babe was a victim

Maverick, found mutilated in N3 on 4 February 2016. Body is with the vet for post mortem.

Unidentified tabby cat in E1 found on the morning of 9 February, body not recovered but positioning of body and injuries strongly suggest he/ she is a victim.

Unidentified black and white cat found in Addiscombe on 9 February. Body was retrieved on 10 February and is with the RSPCA for post mortem.

42 other historic cases in Croydon and the outskirts of the Borough in the last two years and we have reports of other cases going back to 2008.

There is also some evidence to suggest that a rabbit killed a few weeks ago in South Croydon and two puppies killed and left in a South Norwood park two years ago are also victims.

If you hear about any further domestic or wild animals been injured or found dead with the following:

Slashed neck/ decapitation and/or
Slashed belly and/or
Organs removed and/or
Pelvis removed and/or
Tail removed and/or
Leg/tail removed and/or
Any other injury which looks like it is a knife wound

Ask the person to contact us on 07957 830 490 or mobile 07961 030064 immediately

Report the finding to the police either by calling 999 if they are at the scene or 101 if it is some time since they saw/ found the body/ parts.

It is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that the body is/ parts are safeguarded and we will come out, even if it is after hours to collect any body or body parts for examination by the vet working on this case.

If the animal is still alive please take him or her straight to the vet for treatment and call us as soon as you can afterwards.

If you see anyone behaving suspiciously, particularly if they are carrying a knife or bladed weapon, please call 999 (this advice comes directly from the police) immediately.

This case was brought to our attention by the community and we are pretty sure that it will be solved as a result of the community’s efforts.

Thank you

Boudicca and Tony

A Few Thank Yous

We have a number of “thank you” posts to do but the first is to say a massive thank you to Claire and her partner who not only took Teddy in when he wandered up to their house, dirty and distressed, but who looked after him, played with him, fed and assessed him and after all of that, gave us a donation towards getting him neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

Tonight Teddy is happily exploring the kitten room, accompanied by some new friends, the bed that he loves and was also donated to us in one corner so he has a safe space to retreat to.

It could have been so different – we could have been picking his mutilated remains up instead. He is so friendly he would be at immediate risk, outdoors and in this area.

A big thanks to both of you xx

Now Accepting Donations

As many of you are aware, we have up until now been a self-funding rescue. Tony and I have always worked and we have not solicited funds for doing what we do. We are both in principle, opposed to asking for support to do something that is our choice.

We did run a gofundme for post mortems and forensic tests but that money is strictly for that purpose. We have raised it for those reasons and we have an audit and justification process to go through before funds are released. This is exactly as it should be as it isn’t our money but other people’s money that has been donated for very specific purposes.

A number of you lovely people have offered us donations which we have up until now turned down, for the reasons stated above.

However, we are now at a point where we needed to decide whether we carry on being a focal point of this investigation or whether Tony goes back to full time work.

We have spent the last few weeks throwing this back and forth between ourselves and as today amply demonstrated, this needs at least one of us working on it full time.

So we have finally (apologies for the delay, we really both are uncomfortable with this) come to the decision that if we are to carry on, we need to accept donations.

The money will be spent on petrol costs, food, litter, car expenses, housing, all the usual things we need to continue in two separate houses, which is essential, considering that the welfare and happiness of the cats in our care.

We will be keeping a full set of books and we will, once this is over, be looking to go down the route of becoming a proper charity.

Currently, we spend around £600 a month on food, litter, vets bills and medication and this is before we factor in both mortgages and associated costs of running two homes, investigation costs, phone bills (which have rocketed lately) etc.

We have also debated long and hard about how we accept funds. The need to keep our location secret is a factor, also gofundme and other fundraising sites take a substantial cut.

We will never be a charity that spends donations on admin or advertising and the thought of people’s hard earned money being spent on “admin” is repugnant.

After a fair amount of research, we think PayPal is the best option for now.

Apologies again for previously appearing to be ungrateful, we are not at all (we have a big thank you post to do regarding our wish list) – we just really needed to think hard about this before we made any decisions around it.

Thank you so much for your support, offers of help and offers to donate. As of today, we will be accepting them.

Our PayPal is If you wish to donate but don’t use PayPal, let us know by private message and we will find a way forward.

Thank you all very much and apologies again for the time it’s taken to make this decision.