Cat Killer – Quick Update

Quick update from us for those of you new to this page:

(i) It’s not foxes. We are getting a little frustrated at having to respond to people both in our inbox and on our page who insist it’s foxes. It absolutely, categorically is not, proven beyond doubt. For those of you who think it’s funny to take the mickey, you are pissing all over the grief of owners and the deaths of animals (including foxes) and we think you are particularly shitty at being a person if you find that amusing. We are going to have to take the (until now unthought of) step of banning people from this page if you persist in being twats.

For those of you genuinely in doubt, please understand that if it was foxes, there would not be a police investigation going on. Please use your common sense on this.

(ii) the police are doing everything they can to catch this person. This includes all avenues of investigation. Yes, all indications are that it is one person. Please don’t think that any of the police involved are slacking on this. They certainly are not. If they were, we would be the first to say so.

(iii) Yes, as strange as it may seem, we are working closely with the police and the RSPCA. We are sorry if this doesn’t buy into your view of the world, but it’s what is happening and we are not making this up. Anyone who has any doubts on this, please contact DS Andy Collin or one of his team members at Croydon nick.

(iv) there is no evidence of poison being used.

(v) both friendly and unfriendly, nervous cats have been killed and all over London. We don’t want to be picking up bits of your cat tomorrow so for the sake of your cats (and us) if you live in the area between Luton and Brighton (and all the bits in between, east and west), keep your cats in at night until this is over.

(vi) Please do keep sending in your thoughts, tips and ideas. Whilst we will let you know if they are unrelated, it doesn’t mean that your next idea or thought won’t be a good one.

Tonight, our thoughts remain with the families of those cats who have been murdered. Whilst we can’t understand truly how you feel, we mourn with you. We remain absolutely committed to finding the offender and will not rest until they are caught.

Tony and Boudie xx

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