Tonight, one of our shelter cats is on his…

Tonight, one of our shelter cats is on his way to kitty heaven. He is fiv positive and was diagnosed with stomach cancer a few months ago. He has had a good meal but is now very weak and wanting nothing except to be cuddled and loved.

As he is not in pain or distress we have made a decision not to take him to the vet. That decision may change as the night goes on, depending on how he feels.

Currently his sister Peanut is watching over him with Boudie and we’d be grateful if you could spare him a thought for an easy passing in the company of those he loves.

We are very aware that we are lucky to have been granted this time with him, when so many of the people on this page were not granted that privilege with their own cats. So however sad we are, it doesn’t come close to the anguish others have had to go through and you all remain in our thoughts tonight.

We won’t be online for the rest of this evening and will be on emergency cover only via telephone.

We received confirmation yesterday from…

We received confirmation yesterday from the examining vet that the remains we collected from the allotments in Elmers End in June was in fact a young fox cub and not a cat.

The cub had been mutilated by a human being with a long bladed instrument.

This is a different weapon and method to that used in the animal killings we are investigating.

We need to be very clear at this point that this is the first body we have had examined that shows a different killer. We are not sure whether this is a one off or another serial.

We would be interested in hearing from anyone who knows about someone who may be bragging about killing foxes in the Elmers End area, particularly one who may have assumed that his crime would have been mistaken as one of animal killer’s (very stupid move if that is the case and one of the reasons why we have not and will not put details of the killings and photos in the public domain).

We will be investigating this, but as a separate operation to Operation Takahe.

Please call us on 07957 830490 or 07961 030064 if you have any information which you think might be relevant to this mutilation.

All information received will be dealt with in strictest confidence.

Do you know who this cat is? Vet has…

Do you know who this cat is? Vet has confirmed that Spencer (thought to be a Ruby) is around 10 years old and in poor health.

He’s now at an awesome rescue who we know personally and he’ll have the best chance there.

However WAR would like to know how he got to this point. Please share to find his owners.

Thanks xx

Hi everyone We are currently being …

Hi everyone

We are currently being tagged, notified and called out for what feels like every stray, injured and dead cat across the South East and it’s becoming impossible to identify which are the calls we should be responding to urgently in amongst the deluge and its becoming impossible to act as a rescue as we are so busy dealing with enquiries we are too busy to try and arrange home visits. You can actively help us by:


These will ALWAYS be a priority, no matter what time of day or night and we will always attend these if we are able (ie if we are not the other side of Birmingham when one comes in). You can help us by providing our numbers to people you see on social media posting about them 07961 030064/ 07957 830490. We have a new team protocol in place for the police to attend these but it’s new and we appreciate that not everyone feels comfortable doing this – you can also call 101 and a police person should then attend. The injuries and circumstances which we have seen include: Beheadings/ tails removed/ paws and head removed/ one back paw and tail/ evisceration/no blood at the scene. If what you have seen ticks any of these boxes, please call us as a priority, not two days later. Once the body has been removed, we have no way of knowing whether its linked and a valuable piece of evidence may be lost. So please call us.


Call these into 101 straight away, with a full description of the person/persons, their clothing, the road/ location and what they are doing to arouse suspicion. Obtain a file reference number and message us with the details.


If you think a cat is a stray– if the cat is uninjured, healthy and not spending 100% of his or her time with you: Keep the cat off social media. Actively door knock your neighbours and ask if the cats belongs to them or if they know where he or she lives; put a paper collar on the cat asking for the owner to contact you. Wait a few days and if no response then take the cat to a vet for a chip check. Only contact us once you have made enquiries – we will not just pick up or trap a healthy cat where proper enquiries have not been made. Remember that a large number of people are not on social media and if they are, may not belong to the same groups on facebook as you do. If you are unable to get the cat to a vet for a chip check, we will do our best to help but cannot respond instantly to demands to “come chip check this cat”, especially at silly o’clock at night.


If you see a report on social media about a stray or injured cat, please have a look at the comments to see what progress is before raising it with us. We spend a large proportion of our day looking at posts where the cat had already been rescued, been reunited etc. We will do our best to come out to chip check but please see point (iii) above first.


We are currently full and at the end of our resources (9 cats in sanctuary and 17 in rescue). We cannot take on any more, no matter how heartbroken we are about it. Rescue is making sure that we can take good care of the animals we have, not cram as many in as we can regardless of whether we can give them proper attention or afford it. We know that all rescues are pretty much full. We don’t have a magic rescue wand that will guarantee a place at a rescue if we make the call instead of you. You can help all of us by ensuring your cat/cats are neutered and calling around rescues yourself if you need to get a cat to a safe place.


If your cat is lost, get posters up and flyers out within a mile radius of your home the moment you realize. Posters should contain a number of photos of your cat from several angles, details of where and when they were last seen and a contact number for you. Put their litter tray outside and if you don’t have one, an article of worn but not washed clothing. Knock on doors to find out if anyone is away. Go out regularly especially during the quiet hours to call the missing cat. If none of this works, send us a graphics file of your poster and we will put it on our page. Please do not ask us to put posters together for you, this needs to be your responsibility.

If we share a post on our page about a missing cat, please check back regularly to see if anyone has spotted him/her. We cannot be held responsible for missing a reply that says a person may have seen your cat.


Please get the cat straight to a vet, especially if he or she has been hit by a vehicle. It will probably be quicker for you to get a lift to a vet if you don’t drive, than it will be for us to be called, rearrange what we are doing (especially if we are the other side of London at a scene) and then get to you.

(viii) RTAs (Road Traffic Accidents):

Because our local council is a bit rubbish at always chip checking cats who have been run over, we do tend to attend these calls. However, when we’ve worked all day and through the evening and it’s 2am, we are unlikely to be able to cover this. We do need to sleep so please don’t get upset with us if we don’t haul out at 2am. You can help by putting the poor babe’s body somewhere safe (once you are sure the animal has passed away), wrapped in a plastic bag, away from wildlife until the morning.


We do tend to prioritise these also, as we keep an eye on what is going on in our neighbourhood; however we won’t always be available to come out to them. Where you think a crime has been committed, please bag the body up and call 101 (if pets) or your local wildlife crimes unit (if wildlife) to report it to them and let them know you have the body as evidence.


Boudicca and Tony

Note for press: please can we stop r…

Note for press: please can we stop referring to the animal killer as the Croydon Cat Killer. We realise its catchy and alliterative but your continued use of it is costing cats their lives.

We have cats and foxes as confirmed victims and cats, foxes and rabbits as suspected victims. We refer to him as the M25 animal killer so use this tag if you have to have one.


We’ve been called out to Worcester Park…

We’ve been called out to Worcester Park where we have just collected the head of a dark tortoiseshell or black cat. The cat who has been dead for about a week was found in Hampton Road. If anyone knows who this cat was and where he or she lived please contact us.

Until a vet has seen the remains we are classing this as a possible case.

Something heartwarming for today. Magick…

Something heartwarming for today. Magick the Bengal cuddling up to Grumpy the Persian who is terminally ill. And they say you don’t get breed cats in rescue!

Grumpy is a permanent resident in our sanctuary. Magick is ready for a new home but will need to be an only cat. He’s fine with us but has a history of bullying cats in new homes.