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Hello to everyone new to the page. Only two of us run this page due to the nature of the information that comes in, so apologies if we don’t respond to your queries on posts, we may not see them.

A few things to note:

Forensically, the killings appear to be down to one person. All avenues have been investigated but essentially the killer is a sad twit who gets off on shocking people and causing harm to cats. It’s not gangs/Isis/copycats/aliens.

The police are working flat out, as are we, as are the RSPCA. We have turned out to be the public face of the investigation but that doesn’t mean that the other two parties are not committed to solving this. They are.

We are in constant contact with them and if there was any criticism to make, we’d be making it. We did it when it was just us and we’d do it again if we thought it was justified. It isn’t so we won’t.

If you have specific information please call it through to 101 and then give us the file reference number so that we can pass this onto the investigating team.

If you find a body or body parts, CALL US on 07961 030064 or 07957 830490. We are not always online and may not see your message for a few hours so always better to call.

If you see anyone behaving oddly around a cat, dial 999. The police will then make a decision based on the information given as to whether to attend. Call us too, particularly if outside the south London region.

Yes, we are aware that the killer may be following this page. We can’t do anything about that but we can all be thoughtful about what info is shared here.

No, there is no evidence to suggest he is stalking or watching anyone. He simply kills the cats he finds.

Finally, if you live in southern England, the best thing you can do to keep your pets safe is to keep them indoors at night. It’s hard to get cats used to this but it is possible with care and time.

If you have specific concerns or queries please message us.

Tony and Boudicca

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  1. Chupacabras Reply

    Ritualistic killing of up to 50 cats and other animals in areas of south London has led residents to fear the perpetrator may start attacking people

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