It has been an exceptionally busy day here at SNARL

It has been an exceptionally busy day here at SNARL.

We have taken over 50 phone calls, numerous texts, countless emails. We have had two calls about historical cases which match ours. Thank you to the people who called us.

We have also spent time talking to the press today and will be issuing a press release shortly.

We are collecting Teddy the white cat shortly and he will be overnighting with us before going to his foster tomorrow. Efforts continue to find out whether he has an owner.

Tony is currently trying to retrieve the body of a road traffic accident victim. We don’t actually do this as a norm but couldn’t bear the thought of the poor babe lying in the road.

Tony met with officials from Croydon Council today to discuss the possibility of collecting bodies of possible victims and also to drive home the fact that the council were not following their own procedures for chip checking dead pets.

They have assured us that they are now doing this so we hope we won’t be receiving any more calls to say the council helpline have told a resident to put the body in their rubbish bin.

Whether or not they are going to work with us and notify us when their contractors discover bodies that could be victims is another matter. This is highly frustrating and we hope that they have a think about how their inaction here is potentially thwarting this investigation.

A big thank you to Richard Beeson for joining Tony this afternoon.

A very big thank you also to everyone who contacted Peta today. They have now decided to mention us in despatches.

I think, without being bitchy about it, we need to make it quite clear that whilst they have been brilliant about offering a reward, they do not have an investigative team in the UK and are not set up to take calls, collect bodies or gather evidence. They are not investigating this because they are not set up to do this here and they have no idea about the considerable amount of police resource being deployed.

I have worked with a Peta investigator from the US on other cases and I have a huge amount of respect for him and the people in his office. That respect remains in place.

There is a place here for every single organization keen to catch the killer and we need to pool our resources and work together, not against each other.

Thank you to everyone for your likes, shares, comments and messages.

We WILL catch this person/people.