This is Oz, who was found decapitated in…

This is Oz, who was found decapitated in Catford last week.

Oz was originally a neighbour’s cat, who was left behind for Rob and Sarah to look after temporarily. Days turned into weeks and Oz stayed with them and they became his humans.

For the next 16 years Oz lived a happy fulfilled life, demanding his breakfast every morning as Rob made coffee, going out to enjoy the garden during the day and snuggling up at night.

He rarely strayed far from earshot and as he got older, he got fonder of being around his home and family. He was cheeky and loving and cantankerous, especially after a small beer, which he enjoyed with Rob, with whom he had a close bond.

Oz was a very special cat who is now buried in the garden he loved. Whilst someone was able to take his life away from him, that person will never take away the love he had for his humans and the love and beautiful memotries they had for and of him.

Rest in peace Oz, our thoughts are with your family xx

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