Tonight, one of our shelter cats is on his…

Tonight, one of our shelter cats is on his way to kitty heaven. He is fiv positive and was diagnosed with stomach cancer a few months ago. He has had a good meal but is now very weak and wanting nothing except to be cuddled and loved.

As he is not in pain or distress we have made a decision not to take him to the vet. That decision may change as the night goes on, depending on how he feels.

Currently his sister Peanut is watching over him with Boudie and we’d be grateful if you could spare him a thought for an easy passing in the company of those he loves.

We are very aware that we are lucky to have been granted this time with him, when so many of the people on this page were not granted that privilege with their own cats. So however sad we are, it doesn’t come close to the anguish others have had to go through and you all remain in our thoughts tonight.

We won’t be online for the rest of this evening and will be on emergency cover only via telephone.

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