SNARL, RSPCA & The Police Service Are Now Joined Forces

We have just had an exceptionally productive meeting with the police and the RSPCA.

We have agreed to continue working together as we have been. Nothing will change in terms of callouts, or how things work in general but we are now all fully joined up.

We will continue to attend scenes and secure them whilst the RSPCA and/or police attend. The RSPCA will post mortem the bodies as they have been.

We will also continue to collate info on new and historical cases.

This doesn’t mean we will always agree with each other (which is healthy) but it does mean that the RSPCA is now fully briefed and we will now be working as a team with the police.

We have full confidence in the police team and now we have met the investigating RSPCA inspector, who has specific experience in this sort of crime, we have full confidence in him too.

This is a huge step in the right direction for the investigation and we are very pleased.

One comment on “SNARL, RSPCA & The Police Service Are Now Joined Forces

  1. PENNY LOOS Reply

    Regarding the cat killer, it is comforting to know that so much is being done to try and bring the sick person/s guilty of such disgusting behaviour to justice so thank you very much. As far as I am concerned, when the day dawns that he, she or they are caught it won’t be soon enough.
    Whilst messaging you, I was wondering if there are any investigations being carried out regarding the owners of the murdered cats to establish if there may be a pattern or connection that may link them all to the animals in question.
    I also read that some of the poor creatures were being run over by a vehicle before being killed which brought to mind the Lee Rigby incident and the possibility that an individual, or individuals, of a particular religion that is well known for beheadings and decapitations may be the culprit/s?
    Just some food for thought that I wanted to share with you as, I am sure you will agree with me, that anything that might lead to the capture of the vile sorry excuses for human beings behind these sickening acts would be of immeasurable relief to all those animal lovers out there who, like me, are probably feeling as tortured as the poor creatures who have been meeting their premature deaths in such horrendous ways.

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