We received confirmation yesterday from…

We received confirmation yesterday from the examining vet that the remains we collected from the allotments in Elmers End in June was in fact a young fox cub and not a cat.

The cub had been mutilated by a human being with a long bladed instrument.

This is a different weapon and method to that used in the animal killings we are investigating.

We need to be very clear at this point that this is the first body we have had examined that shows a different killer. We are not sure whether this is a one off or another serial.

We would be interested in hearing from anyone who knows about someone who may be bragging about killing foxes in the Elmers End area, particularly one who may have assumed that his crime would have been mistaken as one of animal killer’s (very stupid move if that is the case and one of the reasons why we have not and will not put details of the killings and photos in the public domain).

We will be investigating this, but as a separate operation to Operation Takahe.

Please call us on 07957 830490 or 07961 030064 if you have any information which you think might be relevant to this mutilation.

All information received will be dealt with in strictest confidence.

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